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        What different fields are ceramic spraying used in

        Counts:1532023-07-25 16:07:32 Source: 河北中信防腐工程有限公司

        Ceramic spraying, as a new type of metal surface coating, is not only easy to process and operate, but also very stable and reliable throughout its use. When the surface of the body can better extend its lifespan and leverage its own advantages and value, we also know that as a treatment method for metal surfaces, it is widely used in various industries, Today, Hebei CITIC Corrosion Protection will take you to understand its entire application field.
        1. Aviation field: aviation field often represents high precision, high technology and high safety. The whole field is basically completed by metal. Therefore, under special environment and special safety considerations, Thermal barrier coating has become one of the key technologies of modern aviation engines. The hot end components of aviation engines, such as flame tube, afterburner, turbine blade, etc., usually use Thermal spraying Al2O3 ZrO2 or multi-layer metal ceramic composite coating. In the more sophisticated aerospace industry, components have more stringent requirements for materials. Ceramic coatings with stable and reliable performance, light weight and high performance are used in the thrust chamber of Liquid-propellant rocket. In a short time, the tail nozzle of solid rocket engine effectively solves the problem of high-temperature erosion and heat insulation.
        2. In the field of electricity: If there are any metal surfaces that can involve surface spraying in the field of electricity, then we need to talk about the blades of wind turbines. As a large metal object, under uninterrupted high-speed operation, wind, high-speed dust, and outdoor airflow can cause accelerated corrosion of the blades, which is also a better way to extend the lifespan of the blades and ensure safe and effective operation, Thermal spraying WC/Co cermet coating is applied to the blades of forced draft fan and induced draft fan of pulverized coal fired boiler in thermal power station, which can reduce the wear of fan blades in high-speed dust environment. Compared with the original uncoated blade product, the service life has been increased by more than four times.
        3. Petrochemical industry: There are many application examples of ceramic coating plunger of plasma coating, usually Cr2O3, Al2O3 or Al2O3-TiO2 ceramic coating. Such as mud pump plungers in petroleum exploration, C-type pumps in chemical fiber production, and carbon dioxide pump plungers. In order to prevent the leakage of the conveyed liquid medium, the mechanical dynamic sealing ring and shaft sleeve are made of ceramic coated parts, which have been widely used in the production of petroleum, chemical fiber, and fertilizer in terms of end face sealing. Ball valve is one of the key components used for conveying high-temperature and high-pressure materials containing solid particles and corrosive slurry. The requirements for sealing are quite strict. Thermal spraying Cr2O3 or HVOF spraying WC/Co coating effectively solves this problem, and its service life is increased by about 10 times.
        4. Metallurgy industry: The supporting roller of continuous annealing furnace for steel plate adopts Thermal spraying Al2O3+25% ZrO2 composite coating, which has a service life 6~8 times longer than the original superalloy and graphite roller. The sink roll used for Hot-dip galvanization adopts HVOF spraying cermet coating, which has excellent corrosion resistance to molten zinc and good wear resistance. The service life of this new sink roll is up to one month, more than twice the service life of the original sink roll. The sink roll used for hot-dip aluminum plating was once the key technology of hot-dip aluminum plating. The use of Thermal spraying spinel coating and hole sealing with water glass significantly improved the service life, which can be used for more than 15 days.
        5. Light industry: In order to overcome the wear and tear of yarn and chemical fibers on textile machine parts, a large number of components in the light textile industry use ceramic coatings such as rollers, grooved rollers, friction plates, etc. Plasma ceramic spraying is usually used.
        6. Printing and packaging: different equipment in the printing industry uses different mechanical accessories, of course, the way of choosing accessories is also different when coating, such as bucket roll, offset roll, ceramic spraying Cr2O3 ceramic coating, cast iron printing roll using Al2O3-TiO2 coating, corona roll for polyethylene and other plastic film printing using Thermal spraying Al2O3 coating as insulation coating, Corrugating rollers in the packaging industry use Thermal spraying Cr2O3 ceramic coating.
        The above is how ceramic spraying can be frequently used in many fields. If you want to further understand the relevant knowledge of anti-corrosion, wear resistance, and anti-corrosion construction, please feel free to call and negotiate.
        A professional industrial water tank anti-corrosion treatment company. If you would like to know the engineering construction quotation, please contact us for the price
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